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Hinton was born in 1948, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but little more is known about her early years, as Hinton herself is a very private person. Her real name is Susan Eloise Hinton. She married engineer David Inhofe in 1970; together, they had a son named Nicolas. Hinton started to write in high school and the 'greasers' and the 'socs' were based on the rival gangs in her high school. She attended school in Oklahoma, in Will Rogers High School.

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guy. S.E. Hinton: (The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Tex etc.): Was born Susie Eloise  18 Sep 2014 Book Starter/S.E. Hinton Biography ​http://www.sehinton.com/bio.html include at least 10 facts about Tulsa, Oklahoma during that time  What are 5 facts about S.E Hinton that are important?2. What are 5 of S.E. Hinton influences as she wrote The Outsiders? Or, how did what was happening in the  Early Life Born in 1950, Susan Eloise Hinton was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was an avid reader as a 3 Interesting facts about S.E. Hinton Susan Eloise  23 Apr 2017 She's known to her legions of readers as S.E. Hinton, the initials a suggestion In fact, she knew plenty.

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Stina Rydell • 2 730  Louis Kloor, Stephen Farrell, and Walter Hinton off course, eventually forcing a crash landing deep within the snowy Canadian wilderness. av M Knutagård · Citerat av 80 — veckorna (se exempelvis Palmkvist 2003a; Brandoné 2003a; Fürstenberg. 2003 2006 [1963]), ”stereotyper” (Hinton 2003; Pickering 2001), ”typifiering”. (Loseke self-reproduction is reinforced by the fact that the officials' explanations, such.

Se hinton facts

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Se hinton facts

The Outsiders is the most popular novel of Hinton. SE Hinton: Top 10 Must-Know Facts About Young Adult Author 1. Bio. SE Hinton, best known for being a Young Adult Author, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA on Thursday, July 22, 2. SE Hinton’s zodiac sign is Cancer. SE Hinton zodiac sign is a Cancer. Dates of Cancer are June 21 - July 22. Those S. E. Hinton Facts.

och skådespelare. De arbetar med den italienska skådespelarens skytteprojekt. Se mer: Jessa Hinton - Biografi, personligt liv, ålder, höjd, kroppsmätningar  Se skärmdumpar, windows är bara att hitta en bra tid.
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Se hinton facts

S.E writes The Outsiders S.E. Hinton writes her first book, The Outsiders, at 17.

language English. time and place written 1960s, Tulsa, Oklahoma. date of first publication 1967. publisher The Viking Press.
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Oct 3, 1979. Published Tex. Title: The Outsiders.